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From professional use to hobbyist lacquer crafts.
We will meet your expectations.

High quality lacquer with clear components at an affordable price.
Our lacquer refining service and lineup of retail lacquer products will open up new possibilities for manufacturing products and creating arts and crafts using lacquer.

Custom-made LacquerRefining raw lacquer according to your desired characteristics

This is a service in which we refine raw urushi lacquer received from customers into the desired components through a process using a decompressed distillation method, and deliver it to you in the form of kurome urushi lacquer, kijiro urushi lacquer, colored urushi lacquer, etc. We can also prepare raw urushi lacquer for you and then refine it.

We recommend this service to companies and studios involved in lacquerware and lacquer crafts that require large amount of lacquer.

The sales unit is 1 kg for kurome and kijiro urushi, and 0.5 kg for colored urushi.

Retail ProductsReady-made lacquer for easy use

We sell small lots of lacquer products made by the same decompressed distillation method used for made-to-order lacquer, with the adjusted components.

We welcome orders from a wide range of customers, from professionals who are interested in trial lacquering to hobbyists who use lacquer for crafts.

Our Urushi Lacquer Lineup

All colors in the images are for reference only. Actual product colors may vary.



Roiro-Kurome-Urushi Lacquer

It is a black lacquer with a moisture content of less than 3%, refined by adding iron hydroxide to raw lacquer and kneading it well in a process called "Decompressed Distillation Method". When applied and dried, the lacquer has a semi-glossy sheen, but it becomes glossy when polished.

Suki-Kurome-Urushi Lacquer(Kijiro Urushi)

Raw lacquer is refined by a process called "nayashi" and "Decompressed Distillation Method" to produce a transparent, candy-colored lacquer with a moisture content of less than 3%. When applied and dried, it has a semi-glossy sheen, but it can be polished to a higher sheen. Colored lacquer can be made by mixing pigments.

Colored Urushi

Bengal Red Lacquer

This lacquer is refined by mixing suki-kurome lacquer (kijiro lacquer) with Bengal red pigment. It is a calm vermilion color with depth and warmth.

Vermilion Lacquer

This lacquer is refined by mixing sukikuro-me lacquer (kijiro lacquer) with vermilion pigment. It is a luxurious and vivid red color like that used to color the torii (gate) of shrines.

Colorful Lacquer

This lacquer is refined by mixing suki-kurome urushi (kijiro urushi) with pigments of the respective colors. It produces good coloring and a glossy finish.

Currently, we can produce white, peach, sky, shinbashi (greenish light blue), celadon, lemon, yellow, etc. We can also change the tone of each color by adjusting the pigment mix according to your needs.